A selection of my most interesting projects, some of which are open source.

Spring Boot Database Admin

Spring Boot Database Admin is a CRUD database management interface for Spring Boot apps, released under the GPL3 license on Github.

It works as a plug-and-play JAR library that you can include in your project and have it run with very minimal configuration.

Wikipedia Autovideo

An open source tool to automatically create a narrated video version of a Wikipedia page.

It works by collecting images and videos from Wikipedia and Pixabay, converting text to audio with AWS Polly and putting all together using ffmpeg.

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Traderino is an automatic trading system that worked on Binance perpetual futures and posted updates to its own Telegram channel.

The bot also supported interaction, using commands that allowed to see the list of open positions, historical performance and plots of executed trades.

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Intelligram is a tool that scrapes hundreds of Telegram channels relative to the Russia-Ukraine war and provides a dashboard to search and analyze their content.

It’s powered by Java and Elasticsearch. At the moment it’s not up and running, but you can check out the video demo for a tour of its features.


Wikiwho extracts Wikipedia edits made from IP ranges that belong to known organizations. It provides a web application to browse and search them, powered by MongoDB and Lucene.

If you’re lucky it might be up and running, otherwise you can set it up yourself following the instructions in the GitHub repo.

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